Why a Petition to the European Parliament?

We want to bring Citizens’ Initiatives in all of Europe together in a Petition to the European Parliament for the European Parliament to understand that it is time to Tame Aviation.

  • Aviation must pay taxes like any other industry.
  • Aviation must learn to respect human health and citizens’ rights.
  • Aviation must take responsibility for the pollution and damages it causes.

If Citizens' Initiatives from all of Europe draw the European Parliament’s attention to Taming Aviation, if we approach country by country our national and European Members of Parliament to stand up against the aviation lobby in support of those who suffer the disadvantages of aviation, this Petition will succeed. There will be a new awareness amongst MPs and MEPs, the Commission will have to acknowledge that there is no justification for the privileges of the aviation industry and eventually, even the aviation industry itself might reconsider its attitude towards health and environment and shift to principles of fair play.

We believe that with this Petition we will bring about a change in the politics of aviation.